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From Private Naturopathic Consultation

~Dipa Mehta, Montreal

I visited Desiree for a consultation because I was feeling bloated all the time. It was challenging for me to eat at restaurants without having an upset stomach. My problems were addressed and Desiree was very patient while listening to my lifestyle and past medical history in order to find out why I was feeling bloated- in turn, she showed me a variety of products to help with my digestion. I was so eager to get started, I purchased all four products (ex. Tea, probiotics, enzymes etc)! These treatments were completely new to me however Desiree explained when to take them, why etc. Since I have been on this program, I noticed the bloating is less present and I feel less tired. My digestion is improving, and I have less stomach aches. I feel confident that Desiree will help me get to where I would like to be with my health. I feel more confident to eat out without having to feel uncomfortable afterwards. I also feel more prepared to go about my daily routines without having to feel the urge “to go” at inconvenient times.

~Alison Papazois, Montreal

When I first met Desiree, I was looking for better ways to eat. We spoke for a moment and right away, I knew I was speaking with an experienced Naturopath. She is caring and provided me with very good advice. I signed up for her new patient starter package to address my Digestive problems and my difficulty sleeping at night. Prior tomy visits, my digestive symptoms were terrible. I would also go through various mood changes. Throughout the 4 visits I had with her, she recommend Naturopathic remedies and an eating program which have greatly changed my previous habits and have resolved my Digestive and mood issues. Thank you Desiree.”

~Renee Bisaillon, Montreal

Prior tomy first consultation with Desiree, I was experiencing various physical and emotional symptoms that quicklybecame of concern based on their longevity (1 year) and the impact they were having onmy life. I had gone through a

2 difficult break-up, my job became increasingly overwhelming and, I had been thinking about a drastic career change. I experienced daily insomnia and I had developed stress-related eating habits, as well as suffering through stomach and digestive issues that I couldn’  t rectify onmy own. I just wasn’  t in the healthiest state, physically and psychologically. I had read about naturopathic and homeopathic practices and liked the idea of pursuing a treatment that wasn’  t so drug-dependent, asis the tendency with conventional medicine. In summary, Desiree’  s role has been significant in helping me heal my spirit and my body’  s overall health. Through a thorough examination ofmy state-of-mind and daily routines, she was able to provide me with guidance on various aspects ofmy life from eating habits, sleeping and relaxation techniques, as well as thought processes. I beganto understand myself better; why I chose to feel the way I did and why my body was suffering the consequences. Desiree treated meas a friend and as a complex human, where both spirit and body are deeply intertwined. Inunderstanding our thoughts and behaviors, we might understand our body’  s reactions as well. Coupled with her knowledge of healthy eating practices, she skillfully provides you with a balanced lifestyle plan, tailored to your specific needs. Inaddition, she’  s incredibly supportive, friendly and empathetic, which made the consultations that much more pleasant. I highly recommend Desiree! In fact, I continue to consult her as frequently as possible, as I trust her guidance in this journey towards healing Thanks for everything, Desiree.”

~Christina Sforza., Montreal

Prior to contacting Desiree, I knew intuitively that she was going tobe very valuable tomeinmy search for better health. Before consulting with her, my health issues were not allowing meto focus on living. I was caught upin a web of pain and fatigue along with digestive and sleep issues. Even with daily exercise I had zero energy. After our work together I saw myself inan entirely new way; with Desiree’  s input and the Therapeutic process she applies, I began to understand the why’  s and how’  s ofmy behaviors and experiences. I was soon able to recognize my very own roadblocks. I was impressed with Desiree’  s intake process, listening tomeasif I was the only person in the entire world; truly focused and participating and wanting to understand meas a person; mind and body. On a grander scale, itis a short coming ofusas individuals not tocontinue to invest in this type of treatment. We make annual visits to our physicians but hopefully one day we will have easy access to this type of healing. This is the real way to treat patients!”

~Elaine K., Montreal

I am very happy of having consulted Desiree. She is very knowledgeable in her field, she takes the time to answer all the questions and her advice was very effective on identifying the source of joint pains that didn’  t seem to have a cause (hint: itwas gluten and nightshade foods). I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have optimum health.”

~Mary Anne Yang, Quebec

I have been battling Crohn’  s disease for many years. My Digestive symptoms are often debilitating and severe. My doctors have put meon many different medications, some of which have not worked, others which have but only for a limited time until symptoms re-surface. I decided to try the natural approach because I had nothing to lose. Desiree is super kind and very well educated on the alternative way of healing. The first time I met with Desiree and followed her recommendations, she saved my life. She carefully took my case, listened to all my symptoms, gave me a treatment protocol and prescribed some specific natural remedies. I was feeling on top of the world, my symptoms have not felt that controlled and diminished for as long as I can remember. What I like about Desiree is that its not an“ all or nothing”  approach. She doesn’  t give you unattainable goals, everything is within reason and implemented slowly at your own pace. I am feeling great thanks to Desiree and I strongly recommend a visit.”

~Dara Biberkraut, Montreal

I’  ve been suffering with my stomach and Digestion issues for so many years. I have painful heart burn, irritation, acidity, joint pains, fatigue and the list goes on. I’  ve been seeing doctors over and over but without any successful results. When I started seeing Dr. Desiree, she listened tomy story and was very knowledgeable about what was going on. She immediately suggested natural products to get my system working again and flushing away what was accumulated. It’  s only been 2 times I see her but I can say that I see the amazing results. My digestion is better, my heart burn has been reduced and I can’  t wait till everything is resolved. Dr Desiree is very motivational and I am starting to have hope again. I would definitely recommend her. She can give you information on eating habits, easy recipes and regimes to follow.”

~Katerina Kociu, Montreal 

Before consulting with Desiree, I suffered from fatigue, digestive complaints and PMS which I felt were slowing me down and had been dragging on for too long. I wanted to find a solution to these health issues. We spoke, in depth, about my health issues, explored the possible causes and found helpful solutions that would address these problems. The recommendations Desiree offered for improving my health problems were realistic and I knew that if I wanted to feel better, I had toincorporate these new habits into my daily routine. Desiree was fantastic in helping meto accommodate that process. Now that I’  ve adopted these new habits, going back tomy old routine is not an option. My health conditions have improved dramatically. PMS and painful periods were a very big issue for me, and thanks tomy consultations I have not experienced painful periods since and can carry onmy normal daily routine when I have my periods. Desiree is always available to offer advice and answer my questions to keep meon track and motivated to keep my health goals. It was also a very educational experience for meas I learned about so many new foods and superfoods that suit my health needs and body type. She showed me creative ways to incorporate these into my diet. I would gladly recommend Desiree’  s Naturopathy services tomy family members.”

~Tiffany Cattouf., Montreal

I first consulted Desiree because I had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’  s Disease and was trying todo everything I could to stop it from progressing. I was especially concerned about dementia or any brain cell loss and wanted tools toprevent this or, at least, to slow it down as much as possible. She immediately gave me a plan, including healthy diet and natural supplements, exercise and ways tobe more positive. I followed her plan to the letter and, within 2 months, was a

3 changed person. One of the nicest things about our sessions were our talks. Desiree is sweet and kind and very easy to talk to, so I was able to get out a lot of things that I had never talked about before. Today, I still follow her plan and quite often forget that I even have Parkinson’  s.My doctors, friends and family are all amazed and tell me how well I look. I am forever grateful and know that I can visit, call or email Desiree any time I need to and I am looking forward to her cooking and health videos. I use my centuary flower essence daily to become stronger and stronger .Thanks for everything.”

~Irmeli Vastami., Montreal 

I have suffered from heartburn, nausea and abdominal pain for years. Since consulting with Desiree, I am feeling so much better. My digestive disorder seems tobein order and I have chosen to stop taking the heartburn medication. Without masking my symptoms, I’  m more in sync with my needs and food tolerance level. Thanks to your advice, all my other digestive symptoms have hugely decreased. Thank you so much for your work and help, looking forward to our next meeting.”

~Bassirou Niang., Montreal

For quite some time, I was not in good health due to abdominal pains and many other unknown baffling symptoms. I decided to seek Desiree’  s help. After a few consultations with Desiree, I began to see significant changes inmy health and energy level. Her recommendations were realistic and manageable; I had no problem executing what needed tobe done. She not only addressed and helped me with my health problems, but I have also regained inner balance and feel better and better each day. Before meeting with her, I was sluggish and always tired; I did not know why. Now I have so much energy, I amdoing all the things that I would not have been able todo and taking on numerous projects. I feel great! Desiree changed everything for the better. Her approach in helping me was unique and simple. Itis very different than what I was accustomed toin the Western medical approach. She took the time to analyze my situation, come up with a game plan and work with me along the way. She helped change my life’  s goals, taking me down a more positive and energetic path. I would recommend Desiree to any ofmy friends and family members. She is a genuinely caring person that just wants to help people.”

~ David B., Montreal 

My main reason for consulting a Naturopath was mostly curiosity –to see how well I was doing onmy own, in terms ofsupplements, eating habits, general health issues. I do have mild arthritis and suffer from seasonal allergies, and was hoping she could help out in those areas. I found my time spent with Desiree tobe very informative and beneficial. Itis obvious that she loves her work; she is very dedicated and her clients’   well-being is of the utmost importance to her. She answered all my questions and gave me valuable information, suggestions and recipes. I would recommend Desiree to friends and family.”

~ Laurette D., Montreal

“Prior to consulting with Desiree, I was feeling very tired of the pain that I was carrying around for a year. The medical establishment provided many worthwhile tests but nothing showed upin their analysis- good for me– but I knew that there was something there – something was stuck. With Desiree’  s help and a few simple steps towards the healing process ofmyinflamed intestinal tract, I was able to move forward with life. The recommendations that Desiree offered exceeded myexpectations. Her treatment plan was so unique that it surprised the medical establishment! The two doctors that I dealt with every three months were impressed and encouraged meto continue with what was working for me. Desiree’  s service is one I would gladly recommend to any ofmy loved ones.”

~ Carol Paton., Montreal

After consulting Desiree about digestive disturbances that have been haunting me for years, I felt immediate relief with her recommendations. Desiree is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and patient for putting up with my numerous emails to her over the span of one week. My favorite part of the consultation process is that she understands how pressed for time I aminmy every day life and really caters my treatment plans so they are easy to follow and incorporate into my routine.Ofcourse I run into circumstances where I cannot follow her program, but there she is, ready tore-tailor anything to conform tomy lifestyle (and taste buds). I highly recommend her. She has the spirit of a true healer!”

~ Tanya Di Andrea., Montreal

I have implemented some of the suggestions that you recommended. I am making more time for deep breathing, and that really helps meto come back to the present and to refocus. Thank you so much for your help and support.”

~Mary Anne Yang., Montreal 

I would recommend Desiree’s Naturopathic treatment to family and friends, as I am sure she can help other people as she has helped me. In fact, I have already recommended her tomy colleagues at work! After many years of medical treatment for my low bone density, and then osteoporosis, I realized that the medication I was given failed to improve my situation. I decided to look for another way to improve my health. I consulted Desiree, and followed her plan. I needed to try a different approach all together, and I am glad I did. Desiree, was very open, easy to connect with, and had a very professional approach. I felt in complete confidence, and trusting relation with her. She took the time to explain her science, and how itwould benefit me. I received the answers tomy questions, and I took all the steps she suggested as they were clear and precise. I am currently following her recommendations.”

~ Yvonne Look., Montreal

I have always believed in natural medicine but have had no willpower and perseverance to continue long treatments. Some time ago, I felt very sad and lonely. I cried every day for everything and I felt that nobody loved me. My self-esteem was very low because I had gained a lot of weight and I didn’  t have a significant relationship, partner or good friends. I kept busy and always searched for many things todoto such as courses, events, workshops, etc., to avoid being alone. This kept me busy, but very tired and depressed because I did things I didn’  t really like or want to do. One day my daughter booked meanappointment with Desiree, for a Detox program. She was very friendly and nice and also suggested homeopathic treatment, which I agreed to try. During the first appointment, I spoke lots (finally I had someone who cared and was listening to me). She was very kind, patient, understanding and listened tome carefully. After few days, I received my homeopathic remedy. I did not know what it was, but I guessed it was something to make me feel better in general.It was a liquid that I put under mytongue, and had no taste or smell. Initially, I felt nothing but soon enough my mood and attitude began to change, almost without realizing it. I started to look atmy situation and my life from another point of view. My mood changed, I didn’  t feel sad anymore, I didn’  t cry, I stopped wanting to die and stopped taking other people’  s behaviours and words as personal attacks. On our second appointment, I realized that my life and circumstances had not changed: I did! Now I see things in a different way. I no longer feel lost, I’  m not so sad, and I now enjoy my time alone. My attitude is very different. They told methat my mood will continue to improve with time and soit has been. I feel much better in every way. Definitely I would recommend this type of medicine tomy family and friends.”

~ Patricia Queirolo., Montreal

I believe I met Desiree serendipitously. It was a happenstance meeting when I requested her help on some vitamins and minerals. As soon aswe made eye contact, I was not peering into someone’  s eyes but a huge heart of caring, concern and personal involvement. Feeling so comfortable and confident about her, I booked myself some sessions. Never has any health practioner ever delved so thoroughly and deeply; I could not believe the connections that I myself became aware through her gently prodding and questions leading me deeper and deeper into the layers that make up the ‘  me’  . Desiree and her team prompted all those reactions and self-realizations that would never have been made even through years of therapy and analysis! Itis her ideal wish to see everyone thrive. I truly believe there are no accidents and her name aptly fits with her desire to help in a return to great health. Thank you all for your support, meaningful words and my own personal remedy.”

~ Elaine Kohn, Montreal

I originally consulted with Desiree for symptoms of a lack of energy, fatigue and constipation. My head felt heavy and mythought patterns were going in circles, going nowhere in trying to figure out my life’  s plan. After I took the homeopathic remedy she prescribed, albeit slowly…I have felt some improvement. While there are days I am still exhausted, I am much more optimistic in general and seem to handle stress a little better. Thank you for asking all the right questions and helping meonmy path to a better me! See you again in 2013!”

~ Corinne Abikhzer., Montreal

Before consulting with a Naturopath, I suffered from regular constipation along with acne. Desiree introduced meto health products that helped to address — not only my main health issues — but also those that would improve other aspects ofmyoverall health. The whole process was broken down into four easy-to-follow phases, where she was available to make any needed adjustments along the way. Achieving optimal health isanon-going process and I look forward to continue working with Desiree.”

~ Adriana L., Montreal

For many years I’  d been looking for an alternative toall of the medications that I was being given by the doctors. I knew that there had tobe a more natural way to take care ofmy health. By consulting with Desiree I found that alternative. What struck me the most was all the time, detail and research thatDesiree put into each consultation — from the detailed review ofmy intake form, to the research that went into all the medications that I was taking, to the preparation of all the plans for each stage. Asmy health improved, I realized that the natural alternatives she offered were very effective.With simple changes and the addition of certain foods and natural remedies, my health issues were greatly improved.When I started, I had hoped that I would be able to feel less toxic from all the medications I was taking. By following all the plans through the multiple stages, I was able to detoxify and feel healthy and energetic again for the first time in decades. What made this all possible was the fact that everything was addressed in stages. Each stage introduced new ideas and easy-to-manage changes. If they had all been thrown tome all at once, I don’  t know if I would have been able to follow them. Desiree

4 took the necessary time to review everything and check in before starting a new stage. This helped and I was able to contact Desiree with any questions that I had. I also enjoyed the many suggested recipes that were presented and they have been incorporated into my food plan.I would recommend this process to anyone looking to change their life, to feel better on a whole body level. Getting better takes time and dedication and a willingness to change your habits and routines but the end result is fabulous and well worth it.When I started I had hoped for some improvement in small areas, I had never expected tohaveit impact meas greatly asit did. I have more energy on a daily basis, I have less pain and I feel good about myself as a whole! Thank you, Desiree, for all your wonderful work!”

~ Anne Goodyear., Montreal

I’ve been on weight loss diets for as long as I can remember. I had been successful most of the time by depriving myself, fighting cravings and staying hungry, but it was always an unpleasant experience. And every time I stopped dieting, and returned to eating ‘  normally’  , the pounds would slowly start to come back. Over the last coupleof years, I had gained almost 75 pounds and my doctor suggested that I should start taking medication to lower my cholesterol. I was determined to take charge ofmy health without the use of medication, but I wasn’  t sure how I was going todo it. About two months ago, I consulted Desiree about these issues and we started with a thorough assessment ofmy health and medical history. Any skepticism or apprehension I may have had about holistic medicine vanished immediately. She started meonan easy-to-follow plan that involved ingredient substitutions, supplements and simple lifestyle changes that I could implement into mylife. A lot has changed in the months since our first consultation: I’  ve already lost 40 pounds, and my cholesterol levels have fallen back within the recommended healthy range. I was able todoit all atmy own pace, within my busy schedule, and without experiencing any cravings or feelings of hunger. I’  m confident that I’  llbe able to lose the remaining weight bycontinuing to work with Desiree’  s guidelines, and I know that I will not gain any ofit back because this is not a diet, nor a short term solution —it’  s a healthy lifestyle change. I genuinely feel healthier and my most recent blood test results confirm it. Thank you, Desiree!”

~ Michael Perez., Montreal

I have really enjoyed your recommendations and I implemented most of them quite well. I do feel that they are helping.

5 Overall, I continue to feel upbeat and positive. I am learning that my eating patterns have a very direct influence onmy mood and energy level.”

~ Jennifer J., Montreal 

liked your personal interaction with me and your evaluation. I implemented some of the measures that you suggested and I feel they were very useful. You answered the questions I asked, despite the fact that my case is complicated.”

~ Liliana Trodler., Montreal 

“ Thanks so much again…. I feel very positive from our meeting — and my girlfriend loves you for the suggestions you have made.”

~ Craig C., Montreal

I was always a little skeptical of homeopathy until I was treated by Desiree. She took onmy case with a lot of enthusiasm, passion and empathy. After the birth ofmy son, I had a terrible case of post-partum depression, and I didn’  t want to leave my house. I was depressed, lonely and couldn’  t enjoy my beautiful baby. Desiree listened tome patiently as I described mysymptoms and my experience and came up with a suitable remedy and life plan for meto deal with my PPD. Within a few days of taking the homeopathic remedy and receiving her counseling I felt refreshed and a wave of happiness overcame me. I now have energy to play with my newborn and a newfound sense of optimism. Thank you, Desiree!”

~ Sarah B., Toronto 

Prior to consulting with Desiree, I had never heard of naturopathy before. I came to learn that many ofmy ailments were due tomy lifestyle and excesses, rather than health conditions that randomly appear. I learned that everything wedo (food, sleep, lifestyle,…) impacts our body and the way we feel, and by making changes to our daily lives we can live better and happier, and itis possible for our ailments to disappear! I originally consulted for fatigue, digestion problems and PMS which I felt were slowing me down and had been dragging on for too long, so I decided to consult to find a solution for all of these health concerns. With Desiree’  s help, my health conditions have improved and even though I’  ve changed my habits a bit since being given her recommendations, my health has definitely improved and Desiree is always available to offer advice and answer my questions to keep meon track and motivated to stick tomy health goals. After my Naturopathic sessions with Desiree I learned alot about types of food that can help improve my health (new whole grains and seaweeds) and how toincorporate them into my diet. I feel alot better and stronger and feel that I had a better understanding ofmy body. I would definitely recommend Desiree’  s services tomy family and friends.”

~ Tiffany Cattouf, Montreal 

Before consulting with Desiree I had monthly break outs that caused a lot of emotional distress. Desiree introduced metonew products and suggested some easy diet tips that were easy to incorporate into my regular routine. I was very happy with Desiree’  s approach because it looked deeper to the core of the problem, something I felt was lacking in more conventional methods. I now feel like I have more control over my own body and the knowledge to continue improving myoverall health. Meeting with Desiree is a real pleasure, she carefully listens to any small cues to what might be causing your symptoms and then designs a well thought-out program for you. I would recommend this experience to friends and family that are looking for more profound and long lasting resultsto any health concerns they might be experiencing.”

~A.L, Montreal 

From Rate MD website

(annonymous testimonials)

My benefits from the traditional Naturopathy as provided to me by Desiree Abecassis have been very significant. I have several medical issues from fibromyalgia to digestive problems. Desiree has worked  specially well with me, as she is both extremely knowledgeable as well as patience personified. I have used her  services for several years and my life and health are much better.
Desiree Abecassis has been a great help tome for various problems I’ve encountered including stress and insomnia. Her recommendations helped me but I was most impressed with her showing true interest in helping meby listening tome and not shuffling me out of her office to see the next patient. Her passion for her work is very evident and I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested.
I attended one of Desiree’s Education and Cooking Classes Called Digestion Reset. This class was fantastic as I got to learn such valuable information such as understanding my own digestive tract and how to relieve my lifelong problem ofconstipation. I learned how to create the most delicious, health boosting recipes to heal my digestion and make me regular again. I am forever grateful as Desiree really gave me insight on how to care for my greatest health asset- My digestive tract. I’ll definitely be seeing her for private sessions as well.
I am so grateful that I found Dr. Desiree Abecassis. For years I have suffered from digestive issues and I went to numerous doctors who were not able to help me. The biggest difference I noticed when I first met Desiree is that she really LISTENS. She is a caring and compassionate soul. She also has so much knowledge and approached my problem from various angles: medical, personal, nutritional. Really, my sessions with Desiree were the most satisfying and also effective of any other medical professional I’ve seen in trying to deal with my problems. Since working with Desiree I’ve started slowly making changes tomy lifestyle and diet in ways that are manageable, and not to mention delicious! I’m healthier physically and mentally and amso happy to say that my stomach pain and indigestion are almost totally gone. Highly recommend Dr. Desiree Abecassis.
I took an educational nutrition class with Désirée and learned so much about my own body and raw and whole foods. Therecipes were delicious healthy and easy to prepare. She is one of a kind in her field and a true wealth of knowledge. Thanks for teaching meso many healthy tips for Life!
I’ve been seeing Desiree for three years now & she ismygoto naturopath. I know that whenever I start feeling off, it’s time to check in with her again. She’  s caring compassionate, and takes the time to listen and help with so many aspects ofmy life and health. She offers me fantastic nutritional advice is extremely knowledgeable in the field of whole food nutrition. Her recipe books areso great because my family happily gobbles up the food I prepare using her recipes. If you are looking for a Naturopath with a truly holistic approach, consider using her services, she’  s a great practitioner.
Just came home from our 4th visit to Desiree. My13 y.o. Son has recently been very reactive to foods, fried foods, dairy, whatever he ate In his limited diet. I’ve been very worried, he’s lost a lot of weight and constantly complained about Aches and upset stomach. Desiree has been a huge help in his recovery heis slowly starting to eat the things that he loves. I don’t know how she does it but he started to experiment with new foods. I am also very grateful for reducing my anxiety. Thank you Desiree from our whole family !
I can’t say enough good things about Desiree. She spends so much time listening tomy ailments and has found the best solutions for me and my health. She really knows her stuff and I amso grateful for every recommendation she has given me.I amso much better now than before!
I strongly recommend Dr. Abecassis, especially to people who struggle with heartburn. I had my first ulcer when I was 19 and it’s been almost a decade since doctors have been doing all kinds of tests, endoscopies, and giving me all kinds of meds. My family doctor said there is some dysfunction of one of my organs that’s why my stomach produces so much acidity and basically there was no cure for it. Going through university has been a nightmare. I wish I met Dr. Abecassis earlier, because it’s only been under a month and I feel improvement already. My friend recommended her and I was very skeptical obviously. Pardon my French, but she is no BS doctor, knows what she is doing definitely. If you have the same problem as me, give her a shot. I’m writing reviews everywhere, because I see amazing results and I feel very comfortable with her which is a big +.
Our family has been seeing Dr. Desiree Abecassis ND for years. She has helped us change our bad eating & lifestyle habits and has opened us up to a world of healthy eating & living that has been revolutionary for our family. She even offers Health Food Store tours, where she will personally accompany you to the store and educate you on the vast array of health food product options available, what to look for and what to avoid as well as, give you healthy recipes that your family will love. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for us and we highly recommend her services of Naturopathy and Natural Health Consulting services. She is bright, outgoing, sensitive, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable in her field. Thanks Desiree!
I would definitely recommend her. She can give you information on eating habits, easy recipes and regimes to follow.
Dr. Abecassis has a passion for healing and is extremely knowledgeable. She is very giving as a practioner and digs deep to find out symptoms and lifestyle. I suffer from digestive issues and she did a very thorough analysis of my health and came up with a regime that was easy to follow. I subscribed to almost all of her recommendations for quite some time and it was most helpful! I felt healed but I have slipped back to some of my bad habits but know I can ask her advise and guidance and she will provide motivation to keep going in the right direction again. Highly recommend her as a sound and approachable practioner who provides advice to receive results! Very personable and makes you feel comfortable.
Desiree’s role has been significant in helping me heal my spirit and my body’s overall health. Through a thorough examination of my state-of-mind and daily routines, she was able to provide me with guidance on various aspects of my life from eating habits, sleeping and relaxation techniques, as well as thought processes. I began to understand myself better; why I chose to feel the way I did and why my body was suffering the consequences. Desiree treated me as a friend and as a complex human, where both spirit and body are deeply intertwined. In understanding our thoughts and behaviors, we might understand are our body’s reactions as well. Coupled with her knowledge of healthy eating practices, she skillfully provides you with a balanced lifestyle plan, tailored to your specific needs. In addition, she’s incredibly supportive, friendly and empathetic, which made the consultations that much more pleasant. I highly recommend Desiree! 🙂
Me and my wife have been trying to lose extra weight in some time. We found Desirees cooking classes. Absolutely loved the experience, its always a fun event ! And cooking together with my wife and watching ourselves lose that extra 10kg has been even better. Thanks Desiree for strengthening our relationship, making us look and feel healthier and providing us with great entertainment, your chipper and fun character and incredible energy. Thanks from me and Natasha ! Michael.
What I’ve come to appreciate the most in Dr. Abecassis’s healing approach is her honesty, sincerity, compassion and enthusiasm to help. A great practitioner!
I recently consulted with Desiree for a series of Hormonal mood swings, imbalances and poor Digestion. She really made mefeel at home and comforted to reveal my most challenging issues. She is compassionate, caring, warm and has the integrity and etiquette I would expect from any health care professional. I am grateful for all of the help and rebalancing ofmy health that we have been able todo together.
I’ve had an embarassing problem of bloating and gas to the point I started avoiding social gatherings and stuff. Desiree was very professional and understanding. I love the approach of body and mind well being. I started feeling better and looking atmyself differently. Very grateful to her, definitely recommend to anyone.
Irritable Bowel Sydrome, IBS is a very severe and difficult health condition to navigate. after visiting with several doctors i realized none could offer relief. my bowels fluctuated and were unpredictable and soit was almost impossible for the specialists to treat. after 4 visits with desiree, i can so happily say that my digestion is fully under control. i amno longer inpain and no longer have to take medicine with side effects. i highly suggest you see her if you have ibs because i finally have my life back.
Have benefitted greatly from my Naturopathic sessions with Desiree. I find that she is extremely professional and educated in her field. Her work comes from the heart as she goes above and beyond. She took care ofmy health from so many different angles I would have never considered. She’  ll help you make connections that are greatly insightful. I often check invia Skype consultations which makes it very convenient as I’m a busy mother and I don’t really have the timeto travel back-and-forth to appointments. She successfully helped meto resolve my hormonal imbalance and for that I am forever grateful. I continually check in with her asmy main health provider because she gives me the answers I need. What’  s best is I’  m able to collect all of the questions I always have while at the grocery store and ask her for answers about my family’s nutrition.
I came to Desiree after my first pregnancy in order to create a change in my lifestyle and regain the strength of my body. I found her to be very professional and dedicated to my case and after a few months her treatment helped me feel vital again and helped me make the changes I needed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who seeks medical help or change in their lifestyle
I’ve been consulting with Dr. Desiree over the last year and ½ for various health issues, namely Digestive trouble. Desiree is a fantastic Naturopath. She is extremely professional and skilled at her trade and her interview style makes me feel confident as her knowledge and experience shines through. After many attempts at trying to heal my digestive problems unsuccessfully, Desiree was able to offer recommendations that completely transformed my health for the best. I feel great and I as I continue to implement her suggestions, I continue to experience even more positive results and work towards healing my symptoms. Her motivational approach has been key in helping me get closer to my goal of becoming the best version of me. I highly recommend her services to anyone who’s ready to try a natural approach that yields successful results.
Mme Abecassis really spent the time and gave me great guidance to solve my health condition. I would recommend her to everybody. She is very talented and knowledgeable in Naturopathy.”
I’ve been suffering with my stomach issues for so many years. I have painful heart burns, irritation, acidity, joint pains, fatigue and the list goes on. I’ve been seeing doctors over and over but without any successful results. When I started seeing Dr Desiree, she heard my story and was very knowledgeable about what was going on. She suggested immediately natural products to get my system working again and flashing away what was accumulated. It’s only been 2 times I see her but I can say that I do see the results. My digestion is better, my heart burns have reduced and I can’t wait till everything is resolved. Dr Desiree is very motivational and I am starting to have hope again.
I found Desiree to be very dedicated and passionate and she puts her whole heart and soul into her work, and she has helped many patients.
Dr. Abecassis was recommended to me by a friend and patient of the Resource Health Center. I visited the website resourcehealthcenter.com and found it very informative and had a long list of testimonials from very happy clients, so I decided to contact the center. I spoke with Dr. Abecassis directly and she was so warm and helpful in setting up our first appointment. She treated me for my anxiety issues with Naturopathy and Homeopathy and really inquired about the root of my health issues. She took ample time to assess my symptoms and concerns and recommended very affordable natural supplements and foods to support my healing. To my astonishment, my condition improved dramatically and it is the first time in many years that my anxiety is under control. I feel so grateful to have finally visited with someone who could truly help me.
I originally consulted with Desiree for digestive problems I had been suffering from for years. They were so severe and no specialist could determine what was going on. After just one visit with her and upon implementing her thorough treatment plan, my symptoms almost immediately subsided. I am so grateful, feel so much better and the suggestions have become part of my new lifestyle. Her professionalism and knowledge really make for an effective and enjoyable visit.
Dr. Abecassis never treated me with anything but the utmost care and tenderness. I believe I may have fulfilled my capacity to enjoy life through her guidance.

From Group Programs & Courses

“ Taking Desiree’s course has really transformed my overall outlook on food. She has taught me a lot of easy ways toincorporate more raw and healthy food into my diet and that ofmy toddler son and that every morsel of food taken in counts. I feel healthier and have noticed an increase in energy since taking Desiree’s course and implementing the suggestions she makes. Desiree is very knowledgeable and is a dynamic speaker. I look forward to taking more classes and seminars from her in the future.”

~Jessica Kwasnika

Very inspiring class. Considering going back to school in this field. Desiree explains everything so well and issoknowledgeable. She always has an informative answer tomy questions.

The teacher is very punctual, fun, and explains things well. Always organized.

Fun course, lots of useful information

“ I  decided to  take  the  class  because  I  had recently  become  interested in  healthier  eating.  This  class  has  truly  fulfilled myexpectations. Every week, I look  forward to  the class. Perfect  balance of  theory and  yummy  tasting recipes. I’ve  tried a  fewat home and they were a hit with the family. Thanks to Desiree, my pantry and fridge look very different and I feel good about what  I’m  putting on the  table.  Although I’m  far  from  becoming  a  pure raw-foodist,  I’m  happy  I  can  incorporate  new  healthy eating concepts into my food preparation and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.”

~ Sylvia Marsy 

Great  class,  learned so  much  life  changing  information.  Great  teacher,  enjoyed itso  much.  Would  love  more of  the  same.

Would like to see another health oriented topic with Desiree – her info was very eye-opening.

Desiree is knowledgeable and interesting.

I have just finished taking Desiree’  s Raw food class and it was wonderful. Her teaching has made it fun yet very informative at the same time. I have always been a fan ofraw foods and this has taught me a lot about different combinations of foods and their benefits. Desiree has so much information to share about different health issues that one may suffer from.  She has a very warm and sincere personality and her laugh is incredible. She is very professional and ifin doubt about a question from a student, she will get back to the student. The recipes created in class were all fantastic. I would highly recommend this class to anyone, we have so much to learn from Desiree. I think a novice in the area ofraw foods would enjoy this class as would someone who just wants to learn more. Thank you so much for this fun and educative class, I really loved it. Desiree you arean amazing teacher! Your class met  all my expectations and more! Sincerely

~Linda Allaire

I enjoy the passion of the instructor for her subject. Desiree is a healthy role model for the raw foods lifestyle.

Excellent food, great recipes.

I’ve  taken  her  exact  same  series of  classes  before  and is  just as  interesting  the  second  time  around.  Desiree is  very punctual, fun, and explains things well. Always organized.

I just want to thank  you for the great classes I have been  taking with you. I enjoy  the food that is prepared in each class and I  love  the  way  you  share  tons of  valuable  and  important  information  with us  regarding  a  healthier  way to  eat.  Nutrition isvery  important tome and I  have been a  Vegan and  Vegetarian  for many  years but I still  learned  a great deal  from  you and look forward to more classes.  Regards

~ Cathy Riviere 

Would like to see something like this offered again

Very interesting course. Enjoyed both the lecture part of the course as well as the recipes we created.

The class has absolutely fulfilled my expectations and beyond; I love that it’  s half theory and half cooking. Also that there has been a good mix of savoury, desserts and beverages. very inspiring class. I’  m considering going back to school in  this field. Desiree explains everything so well and isso knowledgeable. She always has an informative answer tomy questions.

What I most enjoy is recipes and also the passion of the instructor for her subject. Desiree is a healthy role model for the raw foods lifestyle.

Desiree is very dynamic and knowledgeable about all things raw food, nutrition and healing self through food. I really enjoyed this class.

“ Desiree’s class was  very enjoyable.  She was always well prepared, dividing  the class into both a  theoretical and practical part so not only did we learn about the many health benefits of eating raw foods but also about how to prepare delicious and nutritious recipes.  I knew  very  little  about raw  foods and  their affect on our  bodies before  taking  the course and hopefully I’ll be able to apply  what  I’ve  learnt tomy  everyday  life.  I would  recommend  this course to  a  friendor  family member and hope to attend other courses that Desiree may offer in the future.

~Marie Anne Côté

Very interesting course. Enjoyed both the lecture part of the course as well as the recipes we created.

Great class. Learned so much. Changed my ways of cooking at home.

Desiree was great.

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