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Heal Your Digestion

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I offer easy online access to…

Private Naturopathic Consultations

Need help navigating the complex issues surrounding your health?

Start your healing journey TODAY from the comfort of your home with a personalized online health consultation. Being a professional, experienced practitioner, I will conduct a full health analysis to provide you with practical, easy to follow health advice suited to your needs.

Personalized & Customized help from a professional who cares…

Connect from wherever in the world you may be! Benefit from my health services and dynamic programs from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to modern technology, all you need is a simple internet connection and the Skype program, which is free to download. You’ll acquire the straightforward, practical advice to help you navigate the complex issues surrounding your health.

You will receive a comprehensive, personalized plan to help bring a state of balance back to your life. Feel free to schedule your visit directly online, via my online scheduler (hyperlink) and choose the ideal date and time that suits your needs. You can fill out your patient history form as well as the online health assessment directly online at which point you will be contacted once your visit date has arrived. Payments can be made easily via PayPal, which offers a secure way to pay online.

About My Health Courses

Have you ever felt so confused and overwhelmed by the abounding and conflicting health information out there?

I’ll help you sort through the confusion and make sense of the mountains of health information that abounds.

I’ve organized applicable, solution-based content via my interactive courses. You’re going to love them! I’ve poured my heart and soul into them as well as my years worth of learning from educational sources and from real client cases.

Are you tired of listening to every new health guru about what you should be taking and doing?

Isnt it time you became empowered to finally tune into your own self to determine what is going on, what you body needs.

Why should you choose me as your teacher?

I’m here to show you the way through my comprehensive online health courses

These incredible courses have been designed by me: a professional Naturopath who works with clients one on one and whose content is based on my years of Naturopathic practice and seeing clients.

All of the learnings I have amassed from years of consulting with clients.

The transformation comes as a result of determining what works most effectively to improve health and diminish symptoms and suffering. 

Years and years of working in the industry of health and wellness.

19 years of experience working in this field, learning about products. Continually updating my knowledge and expertise through product trainings with companies, Professional health tradeshows in my field. Constantly exposed to the new knowledge in health and wellness.

teacher who is knowledgeable, resourceful and full of unique information.

The teachings are so manageable and have been broken down in such an organized well developed way as to have you implement step by step through a process from start to finish you see real, true results.

Results that with your dedication and follow through with the material, will have you experiencing total health transformation, a betterment of your entire health and life situation. Encompasses mind, body, spirit: Holistic in all aspects.

The modules, lessons and learning is fun, not dry. I bring fun, humour, warmth, passion and my expertise. I’ll teach you through video modules, action based handouts and worksheets, course content.

You can enjoy, learn and implement at your own pace as its all online

You’ll learn unique, applicable, actionable info that you can’t find elsewhere.

Learn the foundations and advanced strategies that will 

optimize your health

Stop your health challenges from bogging down your life

If you are no longer able to do the activities you love, enjoy your family, function properly at work, no longer able to eat what you used to because it affects your health and life negatively, because of your debilitating health challenges, it’s time to find a solution and a way out into health freedom.

If any health ailments or symptoms are getting in the way of your optimal functioning, it’s time for a change. You only live once, make it a good one.

My courses offer you the resources you need to step into your optimal state of health and wellness. 

The exact strategies you need to thrive and experience your best health ever.


All courses are taught and delivered with laughter, passion, warm connection and fun. Because health can be fun, doesn’t have to be all serious.


My courses will help you sort through the confusion so that you can feel empowered and know exactly what you need to do to feel better.


All about natural health and wellness strategies encompassing healthy nutrition, superfooods, mind body medicine, supplements, plant medicine and remedies.


Clear, confident, empowered, healthy, energetic, so you can focus on the things you love to do rather than running to doctors appointments, reading articles, doing google searches, buying latest supplements never to find solutions, going in circles and feeling frustrated because nothing works.


Best of all it empowers you by teaching you strategies that you can implement for a lifetime, that will transform the way you think, the way you do things, the way you live your life for yourself and those around you, your family members, wide reaching effects.


Take a course, you’ll love the course offerings, how they are formatted (manageable, bite sized learning you can easily implement), the transformative benefits of the teachings and the recipe videos demos.


The best nature has to offer, delivered in healthy course format.

A bit About Me

I’m Desiree Abecassis: a Naturopath, Health and Whole Foods Educator and i’m confident I can help you in the same way I’ve helped so many others.

“I help my clients uncover their most troubling health challenges and offer effective natural solutions for helping them thrive and experience vibrant health. Digestive ailments are my specialty and expertise. As well as running my private practice in Montreal, Canada, international and local clients consult comfortably via Internet. My studies in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Environmental studies and Ayurvedic medicine, profoundly compliment my healing approach. With a special passion for Whole Food and Raw Food Nutrition, you can enjoy my super fun and educational Online classes here. Check out my course page for how to get healthfully inspired!”


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