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Heal Your Digestion

A Quick, Simple, Effective, Natural Strategy

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I’m here because:

  • My life, work and relationships suffer as a result of the chronic digestive symptoms that have taken it over.
  • I am desperate for a step-by-step solution, clarity and customized health guidance.
  • I’m done with trying to sort through overwhelming & confusing health information & trying to figure it out on my own.
  • I’m tired of trying different supplements and diets that don’t work to bring relief.
  • It’s time I became empowered and took control of my health.
  • I want a fun, practical and no nonsense health professional to guide my path.

I’m ready to get started NOW! 

Good news my friend! No wrong answers here. If any or all of the above apply, you’re exactly where you need to be.

I’m Desiree Abecassis:

Naturopath, Health and Whole Foods Educator and I’m sure I can help you in the same way I’ve helped so many other clients transform their lives.

For most of us, gathering up the motivation, courage & determination to follow a health program can seem like Mission Impossible- but I’ll show you how getting healthy can be easy, fun, exciting and rewarding. When you see results fast, there is no going back.

Health is your most important asset.

Nothing matters more.


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Who I help?

I help you go from bloated, stressed & tired to –>> confident, healthy, vibrant & food tolerant.

The ONLY approach that works is to address your health holisitcally, from the inside, out.

I’ve tested that.

Digestion system challenges are my expertise and passion. I’ve suffered and healed myself naturally from IBS and I help my clients do the same via Naturopathic Medicine.

My ultimate goal for you is a symptom-free life so that you may enjoy and live up to your full potential. We only live once, make it a good one. 

Reasons to choose me as your Natural Health Guide and Educator…

#1. I Live To Help

My “Why”

I practice Naturopathic medicine because I am in constant awe of the tools this discipline offers me to help my clients and students to improve their lives, optimize their health and reducing suffering.

My “Vision”

I am obsessed and passionate about educating groups and individuals achieve wild and thriving health success.

My “Mission”

My driving force: To improve the health and lives of my students and clients by delivering the finest, most well crafted approach for reinstating health. My approach blends the art and science of natural healing to provide a well-balanced mélange of ancient wisdom and up to date innovation and research.

My “Value”

I provide the best that I know via educational courses, cooking classes, consultations and group coaching services. The sole intention of all these resources is to better lives by improving health.

I bring my extensive experience, professionalism, excellence, integrity and fun to my work!

Several Ways To Work Together

#2. I understand you because I’ve been there

I hear you. You’re bloated, tired, stressed & moody. You’re becoming hard to be around. You’ve grown a spare tire around your belly that’s gotten so big, you can’t squeeze it into your pants anymore. So many foods mess with your digestion these days, you have no idea what to eat. You often stay away from food for fear of aggravating your bloating and abdominal pain.

You don’t have to live this way!


I know firsthand what you’re going through because I’ve endured the pain and debilitating symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I visited with top-notch medical specialists who ran a gamut of diagnostic tests to tell me that nothing was wrong. But deep down I knew something was “off.” We usually do. I was literally propelled into the field of Naturopathy by my own personal struggle with IBS. After discovering, learning and implementing my own healing program into my life, I became symptom free. By healing my own digestive problems through natural medicine and from my years worth of consultation experience with clients I know certain things to be true.

You can also read the in depth version of my personal story by clicking HERE

#3. I apply a Holistic Approach

I quickly came to realize that lab tests are standardized but humans aren’t. Only a holistic approach can yield healing results. In order to affect true and successful healing I need 4 ingredients:

#1. A greater understanding of the person in front of me, not solely the disease.  

#2. An in depth look at the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

#3. An individualized step by step program for my clients to follow

#4. A holistic understanding that encompasses mind, body, lifestyle habits,

#4. Naturopathic Medicine is my forever passion

A lifetime of exposure in the field of Natural medicine and years worth of formal education in Naturopathy has equipped me with the skills, knowledge, confidence and compassion to analyze and distill client cases and quickly provide in depth health solutions aimed at diminishing suffering and empowering health.

My health recommendations are concise, bite sized, easy to implement and strategically designed to help my clients achieve their health & life goals.

Natural healing is nothing new. This approach has been around for longer than we have. Bountiful nature provides us with all we need to achieve optimal health. Naturopathy guides us in applying this wisdom to our own lives.

#5. I’m a Health Geek

I know my stuff. An obsessive researcher and collector of health articles. Being quite unaware of current events, you can find me either reading said articles by the dozen or listening to health podcasts. I live for current and up to date research in the field of natural health and wellness. If I told you I could spend 12 hours at Whole Foods straight, I mean it. It’s impossible to pull me away!

My consultation work is largely influenced by Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines of the East. There is so much truth, wisdom and common sense inherent in them: we should listen.

As a hoarder of healthy kitchen staples, I adore preparing healthy foods and teaching others to do so. As the mother of 2 young children, I am continually driven to find the healthiest recipes that include the healthiest ingredients so that my kids will actually eat good food. This greatly inspires how I teach my educational health and cooking classes. Teaching is my true love as I’m overjoyed when imparting the message of health to many at once.

My background in Environmental studies has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the natural world because nature helps us re-balance and come back to ourselves. Medicines extracted from nature bridge the disconnect between ourselves and the natural world, bringing back a deep sense of wholeness.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for…

A No nonsense approach for your health that yields effective results, my offerings abound with passion. I infuse my courses and client consultations by imparting motivation, educated inspiration, and effective strategies to ignite people’s health journeys resulting in abundant and joyful health. Now’s the time to thrive!

Desiree’s Credentials

Desiree consults with clients internationally online. With a special passion for teaching and Whole food nutrition, Desiree runs dynamic, educational online health education courses and signature programs. She has been involved in the field of Natural Medicine and Wellness for over 19 years and is passionately excited by her life’s work. 

Professional credentials:

  • 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies (York University, Toronto)
  • 3-year Post-Graduate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine (Natural Health Consultants Institute, Montreal)
  • Homeopathy: Attended classes in Homeopathy at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy
  • Certification in Ayurvedic Diet, Nutrition, Massage & Theory (Dharamsala, India)

Fun facts:

When I’m not creating a new irresistible health product or shooting a fun video, I can be found…

  • Goofing around with my 2 children- the loves of my life
  • Traveling to any place that offers palm trees and ocean
  • Creating healthy versions of conventional dishes in my culinary lab (my kitchen)
  • Concocting the best recipe for making my own natural body care products using kitchen ingredients.
  • Working around the clock because I love what I do and I don’t consider it work.
  • Being determined, motivated and unstoppable!


I’ve been suffering with my stomach and Digestion issues for so many years. I have painful heart burn, irritation, acidity, joint pains, fatigue and the list goes on. I’ve been seeing doctors over and over but without any successful results. When I started seeing Dr. Desiree, she listened tomy story and was very knowledgeable about what was going on. She immediately suggested natural products to get my system working again and flushing away what was accumulated. It’  s only been 2 times I see her but I can say that I see the amazing results. My digestion is better, my heart burn has been reduced and I can’  t wait till everything is resolved. Dr Desiree is very motivational and I am starting to have hope again. I would definitely recommend her. She can give you information on eating habits, easy recipes and regimes to follow.”

~Katerina Kociu, Montreal 

Have fun hopping around my site!

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